Move your furniture easily

  1. We unpack drawers to make furniture easier to carry. If you want to fill the drawers exactly as they were we empty them into a bin bag or a protective plastic box
  2. We  use plenty of blankets to protect solid items. Protect sharp corners with cut-off corners of cardboard boxes.  also we Use foam between items to prevent damage.
  3.  We pack medium sized electrical goods like TVs, computers and microwaves in the original boxes to protect them. It´s always a good idea to keephe original packaging for these kinds of items if you’re a person that’s prone to moving.
  4.  We take apart whatever you can (beds, desks, wardrobes) and flat-pack them. ESSENTIAL TIP: Tape screws and fixings to the individual items.
  5.   We pack cushions, sofa covers and bedding in plastic bin bags or storage bags  to protect them from dust and dirt.
  6. We garment hanging boxes are fantastic – they’re like portable wardrobes. . All you have to do is take all your clothes on hangers from your wardrobe and hang them in the boxes. At your destination you just hang them in your new wardrobe. No need for folding or packing suitcases!

So, in summary, moving your furnitur with Yourship furniture moving company doesn’t have to be a major issue. All you need to do is think about the options, compare prices and work out which plan is best for you.

Remember, Yourship are here to help and by completing our simple quote form you could save up to 60% on your moving costs!

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